A unique package for a dedicated experience

A unique package designed to give you the best possible experience and deliver modern and timeless photos.

Take spot for one of 10 weddings sessions I do every year. Why only 10, you may ask? Well, wedding photography is something that I truly love and enjoy from the bottom of my heart. I don't want to end up doing it solely for the money and lose my passion for it.

The package is based on experience that includes: a getting-to-know interview, a personal approach to planning a wedding shoot based on your wishes and ideas, and location scouting.

The package can be upgraded in any segment depending on your wishes, for example, additional hours of photography, engagement sessions, etc.

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Wedding package Croatia


How much is an additional hour of photography after the included 8 hours have expired?

The price of an additional hour is 150.00 EUR.

Do you work world wide?

From Paris to New York, I will be there.

What can we expect from you as a photographer?

Friend. A friend who will try to convert all of your memories and emotions into pictures will be a constant reminder of the love between you guys.

When can we expect our photos?

Delivery of photos is within 30 days from the day of the wedding. You can expect that I will send you the first few photos within a few days of the wedding so that you can share them with those who could not be with you that day or for posting on social networks.

Is the wedding book included in the package?

The package does not include a wedding book.

Do you offer a wedding video recording option?

Only the photography option can be selected in the package.